Watch Dumbbells On ZMovie Online

 Watch Dumbbells On ZMovie Online

Releasing Date: January / 10 / 2014 [limited]

The Director is: Christopher Livingston

Writer and Produced By: Hoyt Richards / Brian Drolet

Movie Genres: Comedy

Acted By: Mircea Monroe / Taylor Cole / Jaleel White / Jay Mohr

Studio: GoDigital

Releasing Country: USA

Movie Brief:  Watch Dumbbells On ZMovie Online:”Dumbbells” pursues Chris Long (Drolet), an ex-NCAA star turned trainer who finds new reason when his gym’s shallow new owner, Jack (Richards), unleashes a lucrative design to turn the neglected enterprise into a truth display. When Chris’ complacent gazes resist this new main heading, he and Jack pattern an improbable alliance that permits them to face the demons of their pasts and finally, save their gym’s future.

Watch Dumbbells On ZMovie Online:

USER Audit / Review:

This cine follows an aloof basketball brilliant who’s career was already able but cut abbreviate by an injury. The cine starts out apathetic and never absolutely takes off. You get alien to a academic accumulation of characters. All added annoying than the next. This cine uses average academy amusement to try and cull laughs. I acquainted like a 14 year old in average academy all over again. You’ll apprehension the accent on “urban” humor. There’s accent on “bitchez” (with a z)and endless sex jokes. There is no absolute storyline here.

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